Stevia Extract for Replacing Caloric Sweeteners in Your Recipes

San Antonio TX. Many foods and beverages use some sort of sweetening ingredient for flavor, which can sometimes add excess calories. As we love to have some sweetness in our foods and beverages, we need to find ways to reduce those sweetener calories. Stevia extractis today an ideal ingredient which adds that sweet taste to our favorite foods and beverages, from baked goods to water, tea or coffee, and everything in between, and all with zero calories.

The Global Stevia Institute (GSI) says that when cooking or baking, you can use steviaextract in practically anything that has sugar or other caloric sweetener like honey or maple syrup in it. It works well in drinks, smoothies, desserts, baked breads and even various sauces.

The GSI states that the reason for stevia extract being zero calorie is because steviol glycosides –the components in stevia extract responsible of its sweetness – are poorly absorbed in the body and pass through the upper gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and small intestines, fully intact. “You can save calories by having foods prepared with steviaextract,” says Sylvia Klinger, Registered Dietitian of the Hispanic Food Communications Inc.

Ths GSI says that stevia extract is different than sugar in many ways. Although stevia extractprovides even more sweetness than sugar, it lacks some of sugar’s other qualities, like helping to brown foods or adding a tender texture to baked goods. So some recipes may require a mix of sugar and stevia extract in order to get the right taste and texture qualities you want in a recipe. However, you can also prepare recipes with only stevia extract as well. Whether you decide to fully or partially replace the caloric sweetener with stevia extract in your recipes, you can keep the sweet tastes you love, but without all the calories.

Since the stevia extract is so much sweeter than sugar, it is not always a one-for-one substitution when using it in recipes. For example, if you need 1 cup of sugar in a recipe, you may actually need only ¼ cup or less of stevia extract to get the same level of sweetness. You can always consult the manufacturer’s conversion chart to start; nevertheless, there may be some initial trial and error to get your recipe to your liking, so play around and experiment a bit to find the ideal level of sweetness you and your family prefer.

Sylvia Klinger recommends starting with stevia extract recipes that are already developed. “Once you feel a little more comfortable and confident – when using stevia extract in your kitchen – you can try some of your own recipes,” she says. For equivalences between sugar and stevia extract regarding sweetness, you can see the equivalence table in our website:

Look for our stevia extract recipes in


SVETIA® Calorie – Free Sweetener is made with cane sugar and stevia extract. One packet of SVETIA® contains only one gram of carbohydrates. People with diabetes are advised to check with their registered dietitian or physician.



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