Where to find Svetia® Calorie – Free Sweetener

 San Antonio TXSvetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener is an alternative sweetener of natural origin made of steviaextract and with the great taste of cane sugar, produced by METCO FOODS INC. In 2014, Svetia® won the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium.

METCO was the first company in Mexico to get a patent on low-calorie sugar and on the use of stevia extract, from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

As a part of its strategy to expand its successful Mexico-based operations into the US, METCO joined the International Business Development Center (IBDC) in 2014. The IBDC, a program of Free Trade Alliance San Antonio which provides support to foreign companies seeking to establish or expand into the United States, provided METCO with the necessary connections with industry experts to establish itself in the American market successfully. Now, METCO has successfully signed as an HEB supplier of Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener. You can find Svetia® in all HEB stores across Texas.


Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener is also available online. Nur Villanueva, Exports Director of METCO, announced that Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener, is now for sale also on Amazon. “We are excited to announce the launch of our product on Amazon,” said Villanueva. “An on-line channel takes us closer to achieving our ambition of reaching worldwide customers. We believe that new customers, with their different tastes, will give us the opportunity to evolve our products. We are particularly pleased to be using the Amazon platform. Amazon will store and deliver our products, and also take care of customer support services in its platform. As an added plus, our customers may qualify for free shipping,”


Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener has a great natural taste without bitter after-taste. In sweeteners based on stevia extract as Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener, the sweet-tasting components are scientifically called steviol glycosides, which can be anywhere from 200 to 350 times sweeter than sugar – but all without calories. The steviol glycoside with the best sweetener properties is rebaudioside A (Reb A), which is used in Svetia® as a high intensity sweetener. Svetia® also uses cane sugar but only as a bulking agent or carrier, which provides so few calories per serving that Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener meets the Food and Drug Administration’s criteria for no-calorie foods (less than 5 calories per serving).

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SVETIA® Calorie – Free Sweetener is made with cane sugar and stevia extract. One packet of SVETIA® contains only one gram of carbohydrates. People with diabetes are advised to check with their registered dietitian or physician.



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