Why You Really can be Comfortable with Stevia Extract?

San Antonio TX. Dr Cathy Kapica, from the Awegrin Institute, says that 200 scientific studies have been performed to attest the safety of stevia extract. “These studies confirm that stevia extract is safe for use by the general public,” she said.

According to Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD GSI Advisor, stevia extract has certainly passed the test of time, since it has been around for hundreds of years and used as a sweetener of natural origin by the natives of Paraguay to sweeten their teas, beverages or just to chew as a sweet treat. “It has always been there for them – it is something they could count on to make their beverages more enjoyable to drink and their snacks a little sweeter to eat,” he says. “They feel comfortable having it as a lifelong food and ingredient in their diets for the whole family and comfortable knowing it always delivers a wonderful sweet taste.” Japanese people have also trumpeted stevia extract safetyand have used it as a general, no calorie sweetener for more than 40 years.

Dr. Ayoob added that stevia extract can be a way to return some comfort foods and beverages to your diet with fewer calories, as it is a low calorie sweetener of natural origin. According to Ayoob, stevia extract is safe for the whole family.

Nowadays, stevia leaf extract has been rigorously tested and given the stamp of approval by multiple regulatory organizations around the globe. In some countries, crude stevia extracts or whole stevia plant leaves are often sold as dietary supplements, but the GSI states that only high purity stevia leaf extract has been evaluated and approved for use as an ingredient in food and beverages by multiple regulatory agencies throughout the world.


SVETIA® Calorie – Free Sweetener is made with cane sugar and stevia extract. One packet of SVETIA® contains only one gram of carbohydrates. People with diabetes are advised to check with their registered dietitian or physician.



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