SWOT Analysis of Sweeteners

 San Antonio, TX, Non-caloric, natural origin sweeteners can be an alternative healthier option for weight management and energy intake. However, although sweeteners have some strengths and opportunities, there are still some weaknesses and threats for them to solve.

The article A current and global review of sweeteners; regulatory aspects presented an overview of the use of non-caloric, natural origin sweeteners, in accordance with a SWOT analysis.


– Growing interest of scientist: Lot of research is being performed for the discovery of nutraceutical products with sweetening properties.

– Beneficial effects:  The supposed beneficial effects of sweetener use as a whole, on metabolism, in different diseases, such as obesity and tooth decay, is carving out a niche for them in the food industry.

– A sweet taste with no calories: Non-caloric sweeteners provide sweetness without the extra calories or in the worst case scenarios, never as high as sugar.

– Large potential market demand:  People consume them because they relate them with a more balanced diet.


– Not known with sufficient certainty: People often lack correct knowledge on the particular characteristics of the different sweeteners available in the market.

– A lack of solid research involving humans: Most of theresearch on sweeteners has been performed in animals.


– A genuine and safe solution: They could be a genuine and safe solution, taking into account an increase in chronic illnesses in society today.

– Alternative treatment: They could become an alternative treatment for the prevention and favourable evolution or management of certain illnesses

– Health culture and interest: In recent years the culture and interest in looking after the body and achieving optimum health has been growing.


– A lack of significant and relevant data

– The specific dose-response rate is unknown

As other non-caloric, natural origin sweeteners, stevia extract has also strengths and challenges. Dr. Priscilla Samuel, Director of the Global Stevia Institute (GSI), said that to date, an impressive 5000 plus stevia extract sweetened food and beverage products have been launched globally in a relatively short period of time, as the food industry is demanded to be part of the solution in helping to reduce the burden of disease, specially obesity. Dr. Samuel stated that besides being a zero-calorie, plant based natural sweetener, stevia extract is 350 times sweeter than sugar, which gives it a unique position in the market. Stevia extract is currently being used as a tool to reduce energy and sugar intake, which can contribute to reduce overweight.

However, for Dr. Samuel, stevia extract has still some challenges as an ingredient. As a fairly new sweetener for most people, its awareness is relatively low around the world. “However, as new products are launched and the science behind stevia extract is increasingly known and understood, I expect that the awareness and acceptance of stevia is likely to increase dramatically,” she said.


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