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For a healthy lifestyle, we need to pay attention to the food we eat, watch our weight, monitor our glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride intake levels, exercise regularly, and stay hydrated.  These preventative measures lead to a better quality of life in the short and long term.

At first blush, this could appear to be rather tiresome.  But if we follow this simple formula, we find that it doesn’t have to be a total bore, and that we have endless healthy options that will yield results if we persevere.

But if we are new to this game, immersing ourselves into this healthy lifestyle – “cold turkey,”

as it were – is no piece of cake.  But once we’re there, there is no turning back!

There are two main reasons we fail when making drastic changes: (1) We human beings are creatures of habit, and (2) we want instant gratification.  But the road to a healthy lifestyle is a long one, and it requires patience, endurance, and persistence.  Starting with baby steps, such as those below, we can realize tremendous strides!

  • Prepare healthier meals. Reduce intake of fat, calories, salt, and sugar.  Avoid prepared foods.
  • Walk more. Use stairs instead of elevators.
  • Turn off that TV and get your eight hours of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water instead of canned or bottled beverages. Add juice of natural fruits for variety.
  • Cut down on prepared or packaged snacks, replacing them with cereal bars or fresh or dried fruit. Don’t be caught away from home with only candy machines to satisfy your hunger.

We each have our own daily caloric requirements, depending on our age, sex, amount of physical activity, and general state of health.   We should constantly remain within those requirements, without exceeding them, and without binging.

A healthy lifestyle is a key to controlling your weight – something to which we should all aspire.

Here you will find simple advice to lead a healthy lifestyle.  The information that we offer on our web site is not intended to supersede your doctor’s recommendations.  Consult your doctor before adopting a rigid diet or plan of exercise.