The Svetia® Product

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Svetia® stevia leaf extract is the most recent achievement obtained by METCO®. Our zero calorie sweetener resulted from research and development of stevia-based sweeteners and applications. This R&D was done long before stevia extract was positioned as a sweetener of natural origin in the market or even before the FDA approved the use of purified stevia extract.

Svetia® no-calorie sweetener is made of cane sugar and stevia extract. Héctor Álvarez de la Cadena, METCO®’s founder, began studying the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant 15 years ago when he traveled to Paraguay to understand better the natural sweetening properties of stevia. Stevia’s outstanding benefits are its high sweetening power (200-300 times sweeter than conventional sugar) with no calories.

Our alternative sweetener was created for people who seek health and wellness without sacrificing the taste profile of sugar cane.  When used properly, our stevia leaf extract Svetia® helps reduce daily calorie intake, and can be used in cold, hot and baked foods. Our stevia leaf extract contributes to a healthier life.


Svetia® is different because of its excellent taste (similar to sugarcane).  In fact, Svetia® Calorie Free Sweetener won the iTQi Superior Taste Award back in 2014.

The Svetia® brand has been registered in Mexico since 1983; and in the United States since 2010.